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Product Catalog > Оборудование Для Сетей Ethernet > Роутер > R60
Широкополосный роутер, 1 RJ45 WAN для Internet, 4 RJ45 LAN портов, 10/100Мбит/с-Tx автоопределение, мощность: DC7.5V/1.2A, управление: локальное/удаленное Web конфигурация, 165(L)*116(W)*30(H)мм.
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♦ Network Address Transfer: It supports several connection types, such as Dynamic IP Address, Static IP Address, PPPoE, L2TP, PPTP.
♦ 4 Ports 10/100M Switch: It contains 4 ports of 10/100M high speed network switch, can auto identify MDI/MDIX, and connect with other switches.
♦ PPPoE (ADSL) Auto Disconnect/Connect: Cut down the fees of visiting internet via this function.
♦ DHCP Server: All the computers in LAN can obtain TCP/IP information automatically.
♦ Static IP Bundle: It can bundle IP with MAC address, so it’s very easy for administrator to manage LAN.
♦ System Log: You can find the history status of the router, and send the log to the administrator’s mail address.
♦ UPnP: Universal plus and play.
♦ Web-based Management: Network configuration and system configuration can be carried out via the web server integrated.
♦ Virtual Server: It allows internet users to access the WWW server and FTP server in LAN.
♦ Firewall: Protect your LAN from internet attack.
♦ Time Restriction of Internet Access: You can filter Internet access for local clients based on IP addresses, application types, (i.e., HTTP port), and time of day.
♦ DMZ Host: Demilitarized Zone.
♦ Remote Management: You can manage your LAN when you are not in company or at home.
♦ DDNS: DDNS allows your domain name to follow your IP address automatically by having your DNS records changed when your IP address changes.
♦ VPN Pass-through: VPN pass-through is allowed.
♦ Firmware Upgrade online: You can upgrade firmware online.
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